Legal matter

The offense against my rear is not human seduction, but inhumane efforts to rupture both my rectum and gentalia.

Atrocious act of savagery entailing poisons of chemistry, botany, and organisms and radioactive material that include insertions of particles in my coronea in the hopes to move particles into my brain via the optic nerve to render me dead brain.

The aggression is severe but subliminal and gets very, very pronounced when they have sex with children to death.  The social from such extreme sexual abuse upstairs and in the “cellar” renders a very pronounced rearing attempt on my backside.

PCB uses a vice device to crush a childs ball(s) in the hopes of utilizing voodoo that my sympathy for a boys penis and balls (strictly paternally directed) does an “about face” by PCB and in the voodoo trick involving my sympathy, PCB is trying to damage the various small parts of my  gonads in the scrotum.

This is a violation of Amendment 14 of John Locke’s natural rights I possess as a U.S. constituent of “life, liberty, and property” indicated in my U.S. Constitution “live document.”  It further violates my civil rights in Washington State constitution and is a flagrant hate crime involving various criminal procedures which I may be able to prove physical evidence by vacuuming with a new vacumming dirt bag of the criminal administration of the foreign objects.

In any case 3 years of defamation of character hate crime complete and it’s time for justice.

10 million dollars for conspiratorial, criminal attack on my U.S. and WA Constitutionency to make clear that I have equal rights to antagonists.

Lawyers wishing to handle my case should contact me immediately at

Your usual 25 percent leaves you profiting 2.25 million dollars.

Let’s do good business and succeed!

Abraham Boulder

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