Enemy in our midsts

Angel dust smoked for angels’ death. For strokes and brain death. Efforts of the pusher to push for human extinction.

Anti-semitism to “intrusive condemnation by the other human species’ sectors.” Valid if we work with cold war enemies to abate violence.

We engage in peaceful business enterprise with profit for us and them that sustains our lives and other lives (mammals for example) for a sustainable exoplanet Earth that seeks sustainabilty now in a private initiative now for a future now. A valid, more attractive approach.

If we build the demand. If we acknowlwdge our needs to carry on in this life not just the next.

If we, like Thomas Caralyle, go from “no, no” to “yes.”

Yes to a future of constructive endeavor, constructive achievement, literal dead-lines met.

Yes to keeping a pace. A new normal where our tempo sings our hearts’ confirmation and affirmation that we can, we will find (as in “The Return of the King”) our futures grasped now, done at this time. Peaceful competition with trade secrets kept. Not pollution metrics withheld.

Mojo through meditations, being in the now, reaching high (with the Space Lab and swirling galaxies flat with exoplanets soon to be explored while firmly, affirmly Earth bound.

Sanctifying our existence, our Earthly presence with other, sacred remnants-of-large animal herds. Showing our potency by their lives spared.

And sparing our lives from aggressive suicide of the human species destined like the Book of Numbers of the Torah to generations more of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.

Abraham Boulder

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