“Humanocracy” notes

“2018 Gallup study found that barely a third of US employees were fully engaged in their work—where engagement is defined as being “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to work.” The majority of employees, 53 percent, were “not engaged,” while 13 percent—the maliciously compliant—were “actively disengaged.”10 Globally, the situation is even worse, with 15 percent engaged, 67 percent disengaged, and 18 percent actively disengaged.”

Greater number active in disengagement than in “engagement.” What ’bout “active” engagement?  Is that just for the Marvel comics and Transformers.

If we fail and flail as our nature then attend to recovery for six week periods to six months on and off, we will have a Round Robin for the billions of dollars given away and partying they feel they must do.

Can ubermensch mean universe upper ceiling of sanity for six week periods into alternating six month periods switched by other top brass.  Time off service labor force attends to their wants and wishes.

But “moonwalking survival” for six months (living survival 24-hr days of deadlines for the six months as if walking on the moon  needing adequate supply of oxygen to survive and adequate spacesuits for survival and adequate supply of food and water to survive the earthly “moon walking.”

This is “active engagement” not just a 8-hr stint, 5 days a week. This is ubermensch.  And a 24-hr clock is a prerequisite.  As well as striving in “dry seasons” alternated with “wet seasons.”  And a Round Robin.

How to isolate and keep busy the howlers while everyone else is working on a 24-hr clock and preserving remaining parts of Earth.

Furthermore, trillions spent means their must be a government directive for economic incentives and bonuses for industries needed while there is to be economic disincentives including for the CEOs who belabor or tarry in world-destruction products.

Abraham Boulder.

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