Individual within the group

are bringing wine.

And what of the individual in the group that does good?

The Quest for Moral Compass”

Thrasymachus’ claim that justice is scam, that it is merely an expression of power, and that the most rational behavior is to disregard justice where possible and pursue one’s self-interest was to prove almost as influential as Plato’s own arguments.

Hobbes, Neitzsche, Marx:
all in their own ways were to echo Thrasymachus.

They are three disparate thinkers.

What connects them is that they are philosophers of the modern era,
attempting to make sense of the meaning of political power, individual agency, social need at a time when traditional moral concepts were in disarray.

To be able to draw on the idea of self-interest at the heart of the rest of  Thrasymacus’ argument, they also had to draw on the “self” that neither Homer nor Plato possessed.

It was not that Hobbes Neitzsche Marx would necessarily have agreed with Thrasymacus.

It is more that the social and intellectual changes that marked the coming of modernity made an argument rooted in individual self-interest that more plausible.

Even those who disagreed with such ethical claims had nevertheless to take them seriously.

From The Quest for Moral Compass

Boulder says,

So the group shares the Commons, now usually owned privately. (e.g., the ferry, the golf club)

The individual inner mental state can experience a psyche economy surplus whereby intuitively the personal, private unconscious of your own is accessed, and then an intuitive common unconscious can be acquired which is at an intersection for the Medici effect when the commons’ venue is the ferry ride on Puget Sound or a game of golf. And we strive for psyche economy surplus. Constructive achievement.

Should the Intersection entail the misappropriated funding of Intel exercises, we would have a psyche economy deficit and the material would be anti-capitalist, anti-individual, anti-constructive achievement, anti-entrepreneurial spirit and action even in large groups handled corporately.

I find myself at odds with intel of misappropriated funding doing psyche economy deficit stargating at me and at my home.

I do psyche economy surplus and my social foundation, my social website is constructive achievement support human command and AI quantum tool. I act in good faith for group constructive achievement.

Abraham Boulder. Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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