Philip Bertrum Devinsky, Allen Weg and Joel Plawsky (childhood contacts) go after my genitalia on gravity feed and nano composition with what seems to be acids and diseases.

May attack my vagus nerve and my heart.

Taking turns on a Hitler routine, Bertrum Devinsky wants to manipulate physiology to effeminate my chest like his own for character assasination, denigrating, alienation, defamation. Perverted extremely radically homosexual, debased, adult child mentality, inferior arrogance that doesn’t get it that heterosexuals have equal rights. Thug Henchman.

It appears to be the case. It’s been running pretty steadily for about four years and they have made me unwelcome in my home, unwelcome in my home state, and supports rogue doings/goings on of national governments.

Abraham Boulder.


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