Players engaged

Mission to diminish the dictionary pages.

Mission to leave American brains stunted.

To control language used and even dictate what the media can say.

Takes “young one” to figure such a plan. PCB support.

All on his own. Supported by certain billionaires.

Applying himself in the “not-know” now and willing now to purge those in the know.

So what does this mean.

Well let’s say PCB smokes epoxy glue with this young man.

Young and wealthy.

What if Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights means nothing to his elder peers.

And what if we say he’s purging the people with experience who are well aware that he is green around the ears no matter who he has sex with and no matter how he treats his “friends.”

Murder can stunt language awfully quick.

We don’t need this in America.

We don’t need assasination squads pumped by this young man. And we need elders to show him:

(1) calm down from what you are doing

(2) Allah is great and should not be excluded from business conversation.

Then we could see if rifles can be put away, and normal business relations continued.

Nihilism, Hatred, Chaos Negativity, and utter destruction or annihilation does not make for good business partners.

Maybe you Reserve your taste for sheer destruction on the potter’s wheel.

Keven Jung Young Wm.James Tolstoy

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