We start with WQ, wisdom intelligence

First, to recognize that it is intelligence whereby we use knowledge and know how to access specific knowledge.

To know when the loop of links of websites you’re connected to will not answer the required question.

When another search engine, or other media are necessary to answer the question.

When eyewitnesses’ testimonials reside metanormal phenomenon that may be used to further 5-senses investigation (of”I.”)

And when the “Other,” what Carl Jung paraphrased to say “expansive experience” is needed to accompany “I” 5-senses–either by natural brain chemistry, neurological manifestations, or organic disease of internal experience (implying universe physics of 85% dark matter and 85% of unconsciousness–
therefore what you don’t see is nature of the universe intimate to Other.)

‘Other’ has affective intelligence, Plato spirit and intellect, and Gassendi’s reason-is-an-aspect-of spirit, and the manifestations of 13 minus 4 dimensions. Assuming the 13th dimension being spirit.

That scientifically all that matters in the 13th dimension is behavioral science. That is based on belief systems. That energy tends to be from affect quantitatively and matter is “what you believe in.”

And if you believe in yourself, what you are capable of, or forgo.

Aspirations, Inspirations, Ultimate Values and Meaning on this one-way ticket on this exoplanet, Earth.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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