Eye of newt

Decompensating genetic expression in subhuman dominance focused on me on a tour of Aryan Society, which is a tour for expose of the dead.

And of filth. The Shakespearean black cauldron with “eye of newt” is a compost of dead human remains to puff! whatever can be conjured up on the dirty spot utilizing “head genes,” viruses, parasites, “body genes” that mix all in concert exactly. Then, snake (anacoda) or rat forms having used information from idea quanta to mitochondria to amino acids to DNA.

Intimacies are ethically unsound and morally repugnant. Sex with the dead. Ongoing conversations with the dead which turned on their head, would be the flitting of complete ideas–idea quanta in Shakespearean Society via the character Sprite amidst living (vitality) human intelligence.

If we can use WQ, wisdom intelligence and apply Intel when ànd where it belongs then the key is telomeres. Revolutionary productivity, actual deadlines, and bio change beyond “positive” psychology of this or that, into healthy conduct of personal and money business through physical evolution and change of genetic expression.

Social change in and out of the office in an America that can only handle change that complements bioaction complementing biological evolution.

This does not require destruction in order for things to be “normal.” Such an event of physicality would be an actual fact, not pseudo social engineering. Physical facts including advancing neurocognitive function, and human (homo sapiens sapiens sapiens) limbic system. Thought. Science. Believers.

Abraham Boulder –Keven.

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