This is hypothetical

Allegedly, Philip Bertrum Devinsky has monies I achieved and wants me dead “by age.” to collect my monies legally.

Apparently, now this is trolling or actual:. He allegedly killed his family 2ndnuclear family and wants me dead as well.

Possibly, he’s collecting on life insurance policies.


Allegedly he gets six figures for torturing me and killing me slowly.

My record show here that for six years now I’ve been promoting a future for the human species and explaining that homo sapiens sapiens can indeed evolve–less social–more biological via AI quantum Tool with Human Command and apposable thumbs.

Human cerebrum is in all indications, with or without a God of constructive aim and accomplishments, a Sacred cerebrum that will naturally, biologically evolve to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Bioengineering can enhance memory and augment correct forgetfulness in us human, but should not alter the course of the Sacred homo sapiens sapiens sapiens cerebrum including limbic system.


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