Plawsky and EdD’s

Wants me to lose a foot as a statement that disabilities above the neck don’t count.

In fact, disability status is equal in rights above the neck as well as below. Otherwise you’d be saying a foot is more superior than a person’s brain (given equal status by Social Security and Department of Veteran Affairs, involving my disability from which I worked 4 full years in the Air Force, and 10 years civilian.

Applying technology that Plawsky uses on humans with no consent from them. The technology has some entanglement properties from quantum physics and nano configurations that are small enough for quantum properties but density sufficient that the piapet deliver disease agents constantly to a part of my foot. And does so through actual walls of wall (cardboard pressed). boards.

Devinsky keeps delivering the disease agents. The lack of privacy smacks of totalitarian environment. Stalinist similar to North Korea regime. Devinsky has affective intelligence of totalitarianism. May have affair with my partner who served in U.S Coast Guard. Philip Bertrum Devinsky is and never was a veteran. And may feel himself a veteran serving totalitarianism in an environment torturing a U.S constitutionist like Stalinist North Korea.

Abraham Boulder –Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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