Supercomputer taking grafts of brain cells of a particular individual to attempt what India already does.

A complete change in identity and thinking.

Now imagine it in the Western world. Challenged by the machine whom as “State” claims to know your personality, identity, thinking, required state value systems–that “I” finds it impossible to analyze for your own self without “State-I” drawing your conclusions for you. That your own observations are over-ruled by Deep State.

And “Other” metanormal (or the “plus” in 5-senses plus), cannot own it’s own me. That having placed God in the State, spirit can now be controlled by State.

Final determination concludes AI firewall Tool needs initiation now. As well as AI anti-virus Tool.

AI-firewall Tool to include a “fleshing” where corruption of AI software Tool to mess with DNA or mitichondria instruction of any particular individual is counteracted with neutralizing code disengage human creature (homo sapiens sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens) from the machine.

In addition, such neuropsychiatric Soviet Union interaction between machine and own person is predated by EdDs whom have labelled someone for political reasons as a schizophrenic and has tortured them by skilled Soviet psychiatrist EdDs that, themselves suffered active schizophrenia–not seeking medical assistance for themselves and projecting upon the political subject all their schizophrenic symptoms.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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