Not work.

The mobile program that is Fill-up. Neither, brain not heart.

Does not stop there but develops the program for organic rot of a pseudo heart and brain which accurately portrays his very low intelligence, extreme arrogance and megapersonality computer program that souls “eat up” but moronic appeal that people savoring dysfunction treat it as a holy grail.

The man, the machine, is the State; and the more you make the human mistake (which is understandable compassionately by me, and I think, others) that this hound is your friend the more he invites you to a Brazilian prison riot where decapitation becomes the swing of things.

The program behind the machine is meant to enslave you, severely brain damage you with cannabis that includes weed killer added, and pulls “a Hannibal” in front of horrified and terrified parent(s) before he murders every one in the room.

I’d say, “Enough is enough.” If only, this was as far as things against the American population go.

But Signature Company is building a 100+ bed in Tacoma as a psychiatric hospital.

We all know the community can use these facilities to help those with very difficult lives.

It’s commendable that Dr. Kim would want to build these facilities. They are for-profit so he is benefiting monetarily but the gesture of supplying much-needed facilities is greatly appreciated.

If only this was so. It’s possible this is “end of story.”

It’s possible that the “owner” Dr.Kim is not a citizen of the U.S. This alleged possibility furthers with ownership actually being the Chinese government.

This is horrifying. This gives ample opportunity for China to “politicize” clients. The amount of torture that can done with “look Ma, no hands,” is astonishing. Allegedly, China-owned psychiatric facilities can put ontold mass-ive amounts of sociological pressure from authoritarian total[you-in-a-SUV-wreck]alitarianism society based on dehumanizing human lives and utilizing euthanasia in incorrigible but common practice.

Let us have needed facilities for healthy treatment but let us not have it be cover for the more sinister of us all to engage in unspeakable horrors.

As Joseph Conrad spoke of Dutch colonialism in Africa, the ‘oft repeated words were, “the Horror, the Horror.” And the activities, the events were “beyond words.”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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