In addition,

Metanormal, beyond the five senses. Having mundane intellect (not spirit), can be reasoned to be Neurohermeneutics matter in scientific inquiry.

But what matter? Well, quantum energy and twists on string in string theory providing data of metrics which may comprise a completed idea and be called idea quanta by twist and turn.

Whereas, “waves of grain” would be 2 billion years of cause and effect of simple organisms.

Two more billion years comprise margins of error of overlapping “waves of grain” such that the waves multiply in waves and increase data of metrics on string in string theory lead to particular strands occuring that release energy in their use to further establish complex organs and attempt to further existence of complex organisms according to Darwinism evolution.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. 300,000 years homo species emerges. For that period among believers, creation produces homo sapiens from examples of evolution before homo sapiens whereby homo sapiens sapiens evolved and whereby homo sapiens sapiens sapiens will emerge from Human Command and AI quantum fusion tool from apposable thumbs, sacred cerebrum and sacred limbic system, leading to a physical evolution of these two particular areas of the brain.

Contrast ideas of psyche economy surplus involving string of string theory in human physical form to psyche economy deficit of rotting ideas of decompensating human genetic expression of s subhuman species of homo sapiens sapiens trying in competition to lower our human qualities in the next physical evolution of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

This is because the Creator created homo sapiens in His image to make cerebrum and lymbic system sacred, Our Lord our God remembers the rainbow covenant of Noah and does not interfere with evolving homo sapiens for better, or worse. That is the covenant of the Rainbow, with the Creator.

We in our philosophical development, take on the God role and pray to the Higher Power that we take the high road in physical development instead of “decompensating human genetic expression of subhuman existence.”

Pray for human moral integrity instead of moral decay. To do the best we can instead of our very worst.

Thus, ending the “crisis in democracy” and placing decency and moral fortitude as brutal pragmatic behavioral science serving physical human evolution as we use our apposable thumbs (opposite our four fingers,) to “grasp” the tool AI Quantum Fusion Tool utilizing Human Command to evolve physically to sacred cerebrum and sacred limbic system of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens..

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