(3 personage) PCB, Wig-wam, Golden egg noodles box (with celophane glued)

Pejorative death cult leader with a mafia syndicate of extreme  radically aggressive homosexual “poster adult children.” 

Mud slime subhuman downgrade lacking brains and heart physiologically one cell with many, many, many nuclei that prod and  eat human waste, gangrene (filth) and do not bother to eat good food.

Soviet Big Ben, lobotomized by  Wig-wam.
Personality disorder of Gotham and Batman’s Joker.  Connected to Attica South on Riker’s Island on the east of Manhattan Island.

In the alleged league of Ted Bundy and Charles Manson.

After Medical Doctor signs death certificate, rears cadaver at morgue to be a Voodoo doctor of Zombies.

A warlock having sorcery and occult sex with the dead.  Seeks WWIII.

Sexual pervert and sodomizer.


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