Let’s take a look…

Here is an example to drive beyond Neitzche and develop paradigm shift from within.

A hardy soul becomes a correct practioner of God the Father’s loving universe and its laws applying to this exoplanet and politely requesting us to observe the laws of the universe so that identity remains for eternity rather than blighted out of identity and everything hereafter.

You can’t make a delicious stew without first growing the ingredients and working or cooking it in the pot.

We have a question of identity.

Do we get to exist if we do not self identify and work for the human species not just the good of the man, the woman, the child(ren).

Will God redeem and save us for thinking Neitzche topsy-turvy values in a “valueless society.”

If we choose “no value” will God save us if our decision is to not exist.

Are we stopping “the Eternal?”

Can we have “supermarket prophecies” where pick and choose our faith’s destiny?

Coming back to “well-being:” there’s a science term derived from the word, “love.”

It is a driver for constructive profit that moderates greed, but does not forsake it.

It allows us to extinguish destructive impulses while attending to the future now.

Biomarkers of elongated telomeres, not lengthen to malignant cancer, insure a memorable future from our exoplanet stay for eternal suspension or bliss or heaven.

The authentic love for ourselves or put out to a Higher Power to act in constructive goal setting, achievement, and literal deadlines met.

Abraham Boulder

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