Human singularity

Magic of constructive action hosted by a single entity in neurohermeneutics.

Magic of constructive action as an idea in neurohermeneutics.

Term comes from Andrew Newberg, M.D. work in metaphysics, clumping ideas, spirit, philosophy, religion, consciousness together for a name to work with in organized form, in neurohermeneutics.

Potentially, the most organized, ethically driven, prolific experience because of the mind’s human wholesomeness of material and neurohermeneutics subjects and the exercising of cognitive faculties to favor:

human intellect, IQ; emotional intelligence, EQ: addressing relevant moments of “how I feel” as insightful comments of human expression and communication; spiritual intelligence, SQ raising values and meaning that is challenged for relevancy; and wisdom intelligence, WQ: supporting declarations of notice far from “putting you to sleep,” sporting competitive attention for relevance, and, if so, the wise intelligent statement advises on the direction taken for true north, true south, true east, and true west “to make it” correctly under stringent deadlines.

Abraham Boulder, Human command, AI functions, AI Firewall for human command and computer functions protection to combat AI Virus with AI anti-Virus and AI anti-malware.


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