Some definition of True North bearings

Thomas Jefferson claimed self-evident notions in one’s experience of one’s life.

I imagine he says, that State, separate from Spirit keeps Jesus from becoming Man’s God and thus a “bloated Satan” god.

The state deals day-to-day matters and some long-range horizons.

Surveillance can unfortunately go from observation to red-tape surveillance, holding free state constituents in a city or county as though they have a locater ankle bracelet on.

Without limits to government and freedom from abusive government acts as stated in the U.S. Constitution and 50-state constitutions, Spirit cannot stay free and support anti-abuse government surveillance tactics.

Separate religion from state is to be encouraged so that man’s foibles “do not get written in stone.”

Personal conviction allows for personal assessment of quality in government and administering in church, mosque, synagogue, or temple for constituents.

Spirit is a reflection of God, the Constructive–watch what you pray for.

Spirit is manipulated by state. And some faith believers hold material is manipulated by spirit.

I contend it is a anti-matter matter that spirits for sheer destruction of the entire universe.

Chaos In time, goes to total destruction, but that doesn”t mean Man, Woman are to take it to it’s full consequencues.

Matter matters in that it is, and therefore supports order and, therefore, sanity and human development.

Professionalism of the sociologist and psychologist whose rule game is idiosyncratic counseling of an occult academe, disfavors sanity if only because it may pad their wallet.

Order is a command protein chemical engaging in biochemistry from our DNA to favor the future of the human organism, and idea quanta to make it real intellectually. With intelligences from IQ, EQ, SQ, and WQ, wisdom intelligence. WQ is not a sleeper, nor is it boring–it engages actively with the mission of survival of the human species.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tostoy Sanchez Asia.

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