Human stop?

Soviet robotics. Systemic orderly detail to Aryan death sequence behavioral science for human stop.

Rearing to cancel survivor instincts.

China interrupting spirit of Japon with Tokyo wanting greater efficiency. Tokyo recognizing, acknowledges economic value of human life greater than genocide impetus. Such logic needs spirit to continue. China stopping it.

Argue nasi. Spirit equals destiny instead of Ancient Greek fate, Tokyo fate, China fate, or Dalai lama old age fate and eternal laughing crazed afterlife. (Fated have focus on after death as end of eternity, opposite of teachings of Dalai lama and proponent of totalitarianism.)

Living on exoplanet Earth Force for identification and recognition of eternal life and return to Source and Creation of material and Spirit.

Jesus Divination for Christian state. Atheistic “rest in peace” of bones and historical soul.
Judaic return to dust and reincarnation to life of plants and trees.

Buddha Nasi and goodness coming on top.

Much down below including phenomenon towards Earth’s center. A hell raiser resting on “intentional conception.” Can be turned off by fearless observation and discipline.

The Soviet robotics destroy human diversity to leave a singular death mask of a single race and tribe for the face of the robot that is a mockery of human economic value, or to scientifically endorse the end of the human species for increases in productivity.

It is an old system. Efficient, yes! That must give way in propensity to not destroy the human race.

Abraham Boulder


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