Take it to heart.

Rousseau and Phil so loved, both harbingers of Totalitarianism. Both educators in human annhilation, elimination of human, eradication of our species, leaving a fancy tape recorder in our wake. Leaving our homes to him, to turn the lights out.

Pity, no one thought to strive better, it would be easy to do. Would only take some effort. No more!

Blacker than black. Stench greater than any stink. One can only wonder how such contemptible character ushers in, wallows the universe with misery and self-contempt for ourselves.

A little less THC and alcohol destruction. Irony has it, that it is the century of the brain. (It is, you know.) Perhaps, “Mind, Mood, and Memory” monthly letter– on nourishing the brain with nutrients would do the same for a lovesick heart and muscle, both.

Try the internet for obtaining a subscription. Well worth the few dollars.

And, an old Irish blessing: “May your telomeres ever so extend to your liking. And your life extend beyond your sorrow.”


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