We pray our souls to keep

I’m being murdered by Philip Bertrum Devinsky or his equivalent.

Abraham. –Keven.

P.S. It’s an onslaught with no mercy. In the tumultuous action he bloodlusts to murder his brother.

P.S.S. If my brother stays away from “the breach of boundaries from siblings” indicated in DSM, then what is salient in my consciousness, and of a perturbing nature is generating (engineering) a smart box feature of personality equivalent to PCB and overriding or replacing the lack of neurostructure caused by removing or mending the patient’s brain, thereby the patient’s self-identity is gone resulting from car accidents or war, and adding this “smart box person” as a physical attachment to the body.

Can a soul enjoy himself as somebody, while who he is is gone forever?

What is also perturbing with regard to moral sentiment, is if the neurosurgery causes lack of self-identification in those whose identity was in fact intact and their own identity, therefore, capable of being amplified (enhanced) through kearning. The surgery denying a future, deleting existing identity for “mission purposes.”

And now I have found that it goes “full circle.” I am not given my rights to live. It seems that the Department of Defense has illegally proceeded with my death to see how they can engineer a dead Abraham instead of “to life” Avy.

Material from U.S. Dept of Defense and China at UW Seattle campus, Harborview UW, next to law classrooms in Tacoma, UW.

Abraham Boulder

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