Totalitarian fallacy and the subject

PCB multiples’ personna result from mainframe and Wig-Wam.

Argue computer program identical fill-up personality and mood expression

“Bertrand Russell” fill-up, sticks to material computer program. Personality and mood manifest, thus “around” in “aerie substrate.” Thus, a material program occupies spirit.

Except that, three bacon strips of PCB’s brains’ died in three similar “multiples'” bodies. And fill-up thought to be dead.

So if this “fill” program is occupying subconscious commons’ time, keeping every person’s soul from considering their plight, the very presence of “fill-up” is actually spirit “death,” or a lost soul lingering on.

Praise to God of life (chai) and constructive aim, means, achievement, results, evaluation, correction, results, reevaluation, concluding status, and a good night’s sleep; while facing deadlines. Amen.

Abraham Boulder

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