How can this be done within our borders? Build a wall? What kind of nuts do you leave us enclosed with?!

Fill uses rats like cream dispenser, squeezing to death to get their shit out of their ass and gravity feed below to the person living in their home.

For a guy criticizing others he has a shit hole infested rat traps ghetto house that has millions of electronic gizmos that it would take Robin Hood a year to distribute to the needy or curious.

Wig-Wam spends time together with Fill-up having sex with the departed for Aryan PsyD. that will probably be issued looking like a UW degree.

The focus always, for example, the printer that would be on 24-hrs would print: kill Keven! Kill Keven! Kill Keven!

He’s a gross pig that after abnormal sex sends down by gravity feed whatever he can come up with when he is using mechanical penis, a no-brainer head and Nazi programming by Wig-Wam for Soviet purposes.

Here you have it. Robotics used for physical terrorism. Programming of state consciousness for exiting of private, personal consciousness and consciousness. Leaving you dismembered spirited and mentally tired while despair leads the horror of submission.

More kill play for U.S. troops ordered to straf the populations within the U.S. Includes constituents. And don’t forget human experimentation to effect fatality.


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