What if things end, and other things just begin? Humanity gets it right! Or, more accurately: from the Left or Right, Humanity acts correctly!

With such exuberant brilliance a burn-out seems appropriate ending like the family name “Mashburn.”

But there is no reason to think that intelligence can’ suddenly simply increase especially WQ wisdom intelligence that is not the sleeper of a Moses but the idea catcher of upmost urgent reaction similar to attention given to a moment and consequence of life or death of 7 billion homo sapiens sapiens.

This attention grabber can start with the premise that computers and algorithms have many functions but are AI Virus if not manditorily AI Tool to human kind’s “Homo sapiens sapiens Command.”

“Mashburn” becomes another family name with the whole nine yards: children, cats, dogs, rabbits, and school instruction that includes modern-day WQ, wisdom intelligence borne out of 1950 nuclear winter.

Homo sapiens sapiens keeps it’s cerebrum while adjusting to the exoplanet’s universe-laws by adjusting cerebellum activity.

Man remains man, and humankind sees intellect as a great fireworks display wary of how the fireworks can burn the entire city down.

Consequently, leaving the fireworks in the AI quantum computer, but Human Command of algorithms to check the computer’s integrity. These algiorythm templates keep to WQ, wisdom intelligence–a checker to assure homo sapiens sapiens species continuance.

Human Deus is in the sanctity of homo sapiens sapiens’s cerebrum and Human Command over AI Tool; and the adaptation to the universe “in the exoplanet” by way of crebellum adjustment.

Abraham Boulder

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