**Sometime after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, a social time to discuss these principles.

U.S. Declaration of Independence: bring down the wall.

Not against gov’t. Assembly by Amendment 1 of Bill of Rights (with permit, if a group) free speech by Amendment 1, U.S. Constitution.

Choose date when we all agree to talk of bringin’ down the wall by adding names validly to the election committee. Find final date of entry.

Declare allegiance to promote destiny of many, many generations to come, involving homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and physical evolution of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens via culture of AI quantum fusion tool.

And the Human Command of said tool.

Hereby instate sacredness to cerebrum and lymbic system and acknowledge the heart “as the seat of emotions.” This then guides bioengineering of the homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) species, all three.

With the above so stated we declare a campaign period for government elections that meets the need for our leadership to come forward on a 12-year policy plan to rescue and save homo sapiens human creature and prepare an evolutionary adjustment period for homo sapiens to homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.

All three human species evolve, exposed to pathogens and hardship to result in decimation in all three human species, and a percentage of the population surviving and repopulating in all three human species.

Such is evolution.

For convenience, the story told and loved very much of creation of “human” by the Creator from a “blueprint” of previous lines of evolution.

Hence with the only one God of Creation studying the blueprints, God breathed in life and “soul” was born.

Also, homo sapiens, once created, evolves to homo sapiens sapiens; then homo sapiens sapiens evolves to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens..

“We are caught up in inescapable network of mutuality.” Dalai lama

We can find peace away from “subconscious uncle” negativity by private, personal unconscious constructive cognitive statements.

Then common unconscious. Working with only what you are willing to consider. Mainly, “psyche economy surplus” constructive intelligence subliminally involving intellect, or IQ; emotion, or EQ; values and meaning, SQ (spititual); and wisdom (WQ); intelligences.

And doing to relax, and finding that special moment when keeping the fires burning were meant to remind us of a time when the sacredness of our U.S. Constitution comes to mind.

U.S. Declaration of Independence does not mean lack of interdependence. It means, I take care of my own. Then consider any civil activity we had on auto in our subconsciousness for so long, that need “immediate attention.”

We need real leaders to guide this Titanic away from the icebergs. Sure we’re strong. But that doesn’t mean we pilot that incredible ship smack into an iceberg floating nearby,

Looks like the weather’s getting nasty, and it’s not going to let up.

Consider our “time-space continuum”–where we’ve been, where we’re headed–and get off that freeway for a while and talk to your neighbor.

Maybe you just consider this informal, so someone, somewhere out there doesn’t look at you funny.

And remember to look at what I summarized above to make this meeting worthwhile and a good deal. Talk some more–I’m not holding you back. Who’s covering your back? Things going okay? Here’s to you and doing what we all need to do.


Abraham Boulder

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