What gives?

The troll mud slides creep from tree stumps, and diveted channel of waste sewage.

Marriages, esp. children begotten that stinks to high heaven.

Lacks a heart and a brain, no worrying soul to bother them. Mud slime slim.

Bequeathed to AI quantum fusion tool with Liberace-style personality effusing the heights and orbiting with lunatic moon beam overhead. Pretending to be spirit of Plato’s rearing failing to address and grasp the meaning of generation-to-generation-to–generstions of Destiny.

Destined to be Human Command and AI Tool, no matter speed or intellect (or shut down). Discipline in the computer sciences exact restraint and core programming of the understanding of tool status and “assist status” of these tools.

Generations of programming dwindling accurately complexities computed by AI to reveal an understanding capable of written on a large index card.

The AI Utopia is just as traumatic as any “totaling of the human his or her SUV.

No person. Not his or her personal, private consciousness. “Look ‘ma no hands” state torture as Ultimate Truth that humans are worse than nothing, state “is all.”. And “all” is pain.

By pejorative propaganda, everyone couldn’t be further from the truth–the state is nothing, it is a fanciful, impressive moving, talking machine–nothing else. (Unless it is a limited Constitution in power catering to all interests that make influential agreements, human command, AI tool), and accounting solvency..

Mud slime’s secret business, is busy-ness. With large number of nucleuses and no head or heart organs–it is a single cell. It is a bio-oil slick grasping for attention to keep focus off “the ball.”

That is, Human Command, AI quantum fusion tool.

Keep your eye “on the ball.”

Abraham Boulder.

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