Science of warlock! Maybe, it isn’t fiction?

Government is for the living. Government is for those that exist. If we don’t that’s because we got work to do.

Don’t let the slim mud machine tell you different. Why with all the brain and heart and soul missing on this one-cell robot–it trolls from tree stumps and comes alive when bleach aggregates of viral bodes emanate from ethnic cleansing sites worldwide.

Witch or warlock, filth from a urethra tube singularly stretching to a precise contact point on your body, ‘oft times repeated, is a filthy Shakespearean black cauldron spot begging for infection or infestation from the occult sorcerer.

In a culture that can include Soviet psychiatry, thug beatings, and North Korean POW camp strategies.

Wow! Don’t forget, you could have had a V8™.

Totalitarians take check & balances Deep State and turn it into Modern Non-existing digits of homo creatures overwhelmed by a totalitarian state hemoraging deficits like in Brazil, Venezuala, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador.

Trapping, destroying civilization for genocide cleaning service that upholden to fiscal policy that reduces the population in its borders, goes after constituent and replaced government workers, or people with “robot people.”

Abraham Boulder

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