Soviet and Mobile AI:  creation of a dynamic iron curtain

First solve the problem “Crisis in Democracy” (a paper that can be bought on the internet for say, $35). By a professor from the University of Kentucky.

A certain psychologist-breed solve neurohermeneutics (or consciousness) by ample samples of personality to model charismatic leaders of pejorative cults both aggressive and extremely homosexual and pejorative death cults.

Soviet obliterates personal consciousness by statism and the oppression, suppression, depression, and exclusion from existence is met with physical identification only.

The desire to form consciousness is by psychiatry and psychology both deep and configured using syntax or language computer programs.  In a sense, life itself becomes a computer program.

Thought is State.  Action is comrade.

As for profit, all enterprise is milked dry of profits by the hegemony who compete to be trillionaires.  Now businessmen and businesswomen do profit, but when the Soviet grows and gets strong, a “tourniquet” is tightened around the neck of the business itself and mobility of the enterprisors becomes hazardous.

Troops may become more physically seen and more calls to use the National Guard are abusive directives which can, in its extreme, be shoot-outs the likes of Brazil or Argentina; although, the economic and political reasoning and implications can be different here in the United States due to its particular circumstances.

Certainly we wouldn’t want a “Beirut” here although their lifestyle is international and well known, and loved.

The battle for Central America involves the Soviet.

The Soviet leaves only physicality.  In neurohermeneutics or consciousness or “Crisis in Democracy:  they are always in your face.

Eliminating individual consciousness leaves it easier to destroy human lives because group protest organizing becomes harder.

Human economic value is decreased because you are not taught to think responsibly and independently.

AI mobile becomes a cinch because life is a computer program for humans and this software can be uploaded to AI mobile units.


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