What a difference ideology of anarchy and nihilism and apathy makes

What they DO is professional Soviet schizophrenia circumscribing pseudo human existence and promulgated by computer science in syntax.

They’re supposed to be brilliant in their theatrics. I disagree. Their antics are of fools in love with their bottom. And their hate and devotion to death is extreme in passion against (1) heterosexuals and (2) intelligence, in general, high intelligence, in particular, and very high intelligence, in a sheer panic of utter chaos.

The pseudo aspect of the professional schizophrenic workers is faulty to the extent that it leaves these irreputable men (maybe, women) into decline and rotting. Dementia (we can say “professional scientific sociological severe brain decompensation”) which may make them entertain themselves, in one example, by smoking, of all things: epoxy glue!

Soviet Medicine is an area expertise of childish intrigue wedded to drug and chemical abuse in which the entire hospital can be used for unsavory and nefarious reasons.

All this fake stuff! And oh how they think themselves brilliant, and purposeful at deliberate and renounced success for overly compensated failure.

As though we need to beg praise of “bravo!” “bravo!” “bravo!” for their mental decline and their utter inability to practice medicine willfully and with a level of devotion typical of a reputable, medical-degreed professional.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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