Hey! Salute! To your health!

Sufferin’ slings and arrows–vulnerable because of corruption, and a sell-out–a fire sale. We have to remember this nation is ours as carpetbaggers stuff their loot in their valise and exit America (a vacation spot, perhaps, only, no more than that).

We have to remember that, although aligned with sovereign nations, this is our front yard, and backyard, and the Town we call, “home.”

The home-front seeks profit and venture capitalists whom see 5, 10, and fifty years down the road. Changing industries responding to new demands for real markets on a reasoned basis –not a sell-out. Oh, no, not acceptable, that happens frequently enough!

But the trailblazer: now here, we see: the maverick, swimming upstream while all kinds of sewage, or wastewater effluents flow downstream.

The new real markets: reasoned correctly by correct statistical equations, the equations worked out by feeding into the variables isolated one-at-time for results: values reasoned on the basis of life/death: the actual projected demand.

Based on price equilibrium occuring, with actual projected demand, and supply’s response to that demand (an increase in supply to meet a high demand [or, nascent industries’s starting profits for livelihoods] for sustainable goods. A balance of supply and demand, resulting in a balanced fixed price.

These being nascent industries can gain additional profit by private intiative; such that a rating system, like Moody’s Company, assessing in cooperation with university Earth sciences departments, a value on a value index from -1 < y, z = 0, x <= +1, which means y is Earth sciences destructive, z is neutral (and unused), x is aiding, enhancing, or solving ecosystem-equilibria systems.

This index value, x = positive decimal, can then be multiplied by price, and then added to price itself for economic incentive.

Or multiplied by price (if the value from the index, y, is negative decimal number) and then the negative mutiplication-equation product is added to the price, which, in this case, it would be decreased market price (economic disincentive).

Accounting for human-damage-to the earth via Earth sciences index value is responsible accounting of human destruction, objectly.

Decriminalization of acts, done on or before, certain manifesto date. Halted, at the time so declared on live broadcast. Keeps prison beds for human violent crimes and stealing. Cooperation by “destruction paticipants” gets information covered up, revealed.

After the Manifesto is declared, unacceptable Earth destruction can be a life sentence for the perpetrator.

Abraham​ Boulder

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