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Hey! Salute! To your health!

Sufferin’ slings and arrows–vulnerable because of corruption, and a sell-out–a fire sale. We have to remember this nation is ours as carpetbaggers stuff their loot in their valise and exit America (a vacation spot, perhaps, only, no more than that).

We have to remember that, although aligned with sovereign nations, this is our front yard, and backyard, and the Town we call, “home.”

The home-front seeks profit and venture capitalists whom see 5, 10, and fifty years down the road. Changing industries responding to new demands for real markets on a reasoned basis –not a sell-out. Oh, no, not acceptable, that happens frequently enough!

But the trailblazer: now here, we see: the maverick, swimming upstream while all kinds of sewage, or wastewater effluents flow downstream.

The new real markets: reasoned correctly by correct statistical equations, the equations worked out by feeding into the variables isolated one-at-time for results: values reasoned on the basis of life/death: the actual projected demand.

Based on price equilibrium occuring, with actual projected demand, and supply’s response to that demand (an increase in supply to meet a high demand [or, nascent industries’s starting profits for livelihoods] for sustainable goods. A balance of supply and demand, resulting in a balanced fixed price.

These being nascent industries can gain additional profit by private intiative; such that a rating system, like Moody’s Company, assessing in cooperation with university Earth sciences departments, a value on a value index from -1 < y, z = 0, x <= +1, which means y is Earth sciences destructive, z is neutral (and unused), x is aiding, enhancing, or solving ecosystem-equilibria systems.

This index value, x = positive decimal, can then be multiplied by price, and then added to price itself for economic incentive.

Or multiplied by price (if the value from the index, y, is negative decimal number) and then the negative mutiplication-equation product is added to the price, which, in this case, it would be decreased market price (economic disincentive).

Accounting for human-damage-to the earth via Earth sciences index value is responsible accounting of human destruction, objectly.

Decriminalization of acts, done on or before, certain manifesto date. Halted, at the time so declared on live broadcast. Keeps prison beds for human violent crimes and stealing. Cooperation by “destruction paticipants” gets information covered up, revealed.

After the Manifesto is declared, unacceptable Earth destruction can be a life sentence for the perpetrator.

Abraham​ Boulder

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Who is this pee of infant mortality??!

He is Bugsey, He is diseases. He is individual and group Death. He is active. And he reappears as familiar.

Brain fart relinquishing control of the central nervous system to work existence he wishes to take over and exult in Indian Aryan Soviet Communist Totalitarian Death dance.

Better, “L’Chi-am.” Destiny. Fate and Eternity. Better, limited constitutional government to prevent voiding existence.

Of our Western Tradition, heritage, God, and to avoid ruling out Eternity. To prevent Bugsey dictating to us a bug’s life.

To Hell with this trillion-bug schizophrenia or disorder, away from the central nervous system!

To Hell with dance of death, assault, rape, creation of an re-appearing familiar form, chanting in the Church of Satan with the state that is not to have any affiliation with churches, in the first place!

To amphetamize himself into supposed superiority.

He mocks me. Slanders. Acts criminally against my existence in the hopes to diminutize my efforts for effective, constructive results that will bring this world back to a level of sanity that he despises. He is “speed work,” ultimate desperation in delusional commitment to our silent and apathetic demise.

His oppoid abuse hides his hatred of humanity and existence. Him thinking himself brilliant to foil the world to give up, living!

I stay my pen, and take a bath, knowing he will not rest, until all is dead! Better he go, us stay the course, us answer Destiny. Survive. Thrive.

Abraham Boulder

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Challenge #1

Jew center of duality. Learner to do things better, to benefit the whole human species.

Center of Universe Is the Tai Chi. The vital creative energy of the universe. Constructive effective action is supported by the Jew proponent.

Jew and Chi similar in that Creation, what is an “Existing,” is creative energy, or vital life force, opposing decay and death–and the manipulation of the dead (Aryan behavioral science) to cause the Tao to center around death, is; instead, opposed, for the center of the universe to be Life (Jew with Family Tree) Destiny, tragically ending individually in fated death–and as enlightenment for revitalization of the living and “the Call” in idea quantum to evolve physics to chemistry to biology to idea- quanta worshiping human singularity through the cosmic vital energy life force, and incorporating our exoplanet physical existence with the sanity and genuine love and health of the Higher Power, especially, but not only, when scholarly hubris demands outside search outside the “box of Man,” and divergent brain thinking evolves us to WQ, wisdom intelligence, vital, grave, full of gravity (or meaning), and levity in healthy humors, for our diverse human Destiny.

Abraham Boulder

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Let’s be personal.

Is the King dead?

Does the king, take chemicals, temporarily die, take a slew of amphetamines, get reared by the Consortium to act on the Aryan Russian ballet stage, then proceed to deal and trade, in business and world economy of things, such as, human trafficking, cobra/boa/python-human gobbling trafficking in sovereign USA?

Then return to the living by day??! Are we living the night, and sleeping the day?

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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My heart–for my love–in Idaho

Occupy Spirituality, Adam Bucko co-author, talks about Poland going Totalitarian.

It suggests to me how the State was reformatted to not have Spirituality except “love for the State”; that religion, like overzealous scientists do not permit God’s heart to penetrate the sufferer’s soul–both under the assumption that you are primitive–that you haven’t evolved–that compassion is antiquated.

Thomas Jefferson’s compassion kept State and Church separate. Kept State programs and dealings apart from matters of the soul yearning–needing a light-year walk in God’s Creation, in awe of the fury Giants or dwarfs, and the exoplanets we one day may discover.

Back on Earth, how we struggle for a Democracy to stay free, and to have responsible action in government recognized and encouraged. The Republic.

To know, if you believe that Jesus Christ had walked the Earth–that he was not racist –being Christian didn’t mean that the Love of God could not make it’s way through the hatred in Hobbesian hearts. That Hobbes’ reasoning can be heard once again. That State being Church, synagogue or mosque; or Church, synagogue, or mosque being State, is not the answer.

And that Christ’s presence, or His coming, first for the Jews in their way, and his coming for Christians in theirs–that Allah in His greatness reach the soul of Muslims, as the God of Ibrahim, and turn away the faithful from hideous and vileful acts. That such a God, of Abraham and Avraham, as the only one God–the Creator God–God of Sanity–the Higher Power–God of health and redeemption–impact us with compassion and genuine love, and love for the diversity we need to survive–on Earth, on other exoplanets, and as eternal souls.

That the Soviet meant for viable vocational training not threatened the education of liberal minds seeking private opportunities to better and favor themselves. That American education not be stymied by a mindless or immoral capitalism bent on enslaving and starving those whom work. And that American training follow German guidelines to retool and instruct American jobtraining and employment.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder.

P.S. As I write this, and begin a torture session of my person and mind–with snakes exported by the Dalai Lama, and chemicals and bioagents and radioactive material reminiscent of the Soviet Union, Soviet India, China, Fascist Korea, of Tokyo and New York, Washington D.C., and Dubai, possibly Jerusalem–the horror, the horror. Does my love experience the same (in her life, in her way), as I do here–in Fairwood-Cascade, East of Renton, Washington.

They say, “I can leave.” But with limited funding–it will take a while.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

P.S.S. Soviet torture involving Soviet psychology, Soviet psychiatry, Soviet medical, with Neo-nazi directives and Chinese input may be conducted on the shores and the seas of soverign America, as the New Home Insecurity.

Abraham Boulder

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Hedge Funds take note

Jack and Jill went up the hill, but Jack fell down and broke his crown.

Humpty Dumpty fell from a High Place, “and all the King’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty, together, again.”

With the repeal of Dodd-Frank on the table, such that precautions taken to avoid 2008 on Wall Street over again, can now occur once more; we jockey into position: aggressive, competing with hedge funds that use contracts or bets on strategy that bottom line on the following:

“Let the well wired juiced corporations that are not re-investing in their businesses glow red hot then white hot from President Trump trumpin’ Wall Street. Let the wires: burnout from an overheated economy.”

But calculate like Mavericks that: the new green technology field is cut clear of the old regime, and that the venture capitalists are persuaded through continuing strategy using transparent reasoning showing overwhelming demand for a very good price of stock and very good price in these new markets for exponentially growing supply in green industry, handling fundamentals and essentials of a wide horizon that sees new “Berkshire Hathaway’s”© of green stock replacing the overheated, old industry. Real demand, of real services and goods that make it okay again–to live, and continue to live.

The mission being: overwhelming presence on Earth of alternative, sustainable energy hardware meeting the growing well-reasoned demand for sustainable goods and services using green sources of energy brought about by Research & Development for green technologies, to be invested in NOW, as the slough off the old industry (more like: fry!), geting big profits price, but doing it in a manner entailing high volume supply, and low cost (again, resulting in ample, Big profits.)

Opening a new $25 trillion energy industry and hugely expanded field.

Abraham Boulder

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Say it again.

Not just good not bad, nor right not wrong, but demand for correct action in history, ensures the endurance of diversity, and human species’ survival and thriving. Onto then, for the next revolution for world civilization, world societies, and local-preserve societies.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder (reformed liberal economics with moral sentiments, and amended Natural Law U.S. Constitutional Law–genocide is an unnatural act and unconstitutional. Declaration of Independence is our first legal document and our first right to American population freedom and existence equal to corporate entities.). Endure, persevere, Win. Rest, and Recreate.

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