Hedge Funds take note

Jack and Jill went up the hill, but Jack fell down and broke his crown.

Humpty Dumpty fell from a High Place, “and all the King’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty, together, again.”

With the repeal of Dodd-Frank on the table, such that precautions taken to avoid 2008 on Wall Street over again, can now occur once more; we jockey into position: aggressive, competing with hedge funds that use contracts or bets on strategy that bottom line on the following:

“Let the well wired juiced corporations that are not re-investing in their businesses glow red hot then white hot from President Trump trumpin’ Wall Street. Let the wires: burnout from an overheated economy.”

But calculate like Mavericks that: the new green technology field is cut clear of the old regime, and that the venture capitalists are persuaded through continuing strategy using transparent reasoning showing overwhelming demand for a very good price of stock and very good price in these new markets for exponentially growing supply in green industry, handling fundamentals and essentials of a wide horizon that sees new “Berkshire Hathaway’s”© of green stock replacing the overheated, old industry. Real demand, of real services and goods that make it okay again–to live, and continue to live.

The mission being: overwhelming presence on Earth of alternative, sustainable energy hardware meeting the growing well-reasoned demand for sustainable goods and services using green sources of energy brought about by Research & Development for green technologies, to be invested in NOW, as the slough off the old industry (more like: fry!), geting big profits price, but doing it in a manner entailing high volume supply, and low cost (again, resulting in ample, Big profits.)

Opening a new $25 trillion energy industry and hugely expanded field.

Abraham Boulder

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