A reading: stereotypically for male adults

Person is destroyed is a false premise. In metaphysics, what is experienced is not separate from the groups you and others identify with.

Control in Dao of contraction and release can have Om-Man effemination supported by hetrosexual abuse by Man infant necromancy.

A leader whom leads by serial infant necromancy has an occult drive to destroy the global economy.

Destroy civilization, rather than going beyond such a philosophical impetus, and by doing so; instead, rebuild civilization and world societies.

What is needed is not Utopia philosophies but effective problem-solving techniques married to divergent brain tactics.

Additionally, “forward thrust” behavior that captures an intimate long-standing relationship aids plans for realistic futures. If only to see further than the tip of our noses.

Keven Jung Wm. James Tolstoy, and learning more and more re: Sanchez Asia

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