Both sides of the coin: principled point of action.

If one asserts by “no one” or “no body,” then you have a fallacious argument.

To talk of nothing is to talk of something underworldly.

No one can do nothing really, and nobody does it as well–but only clandestinely.

Speak in the negative, is not that it doesn’t exist–it merely means it’s covered up.

Hence, value index, includes negative decimal places to negative one (nuclear winter), to human clandestine operations not legal, that decriminalization during investigation is recommended, to determine human loss, and exoplanet Earth destruction.

A beginning of accounting of true human behavior of the old economy that exploited resources, including human, and destroyed lives and our exoplanet.

Look to a future of bio-engineering, bio-genetics utilizing quantum Al tool computers to serve the human species to utilize specific genetics of biomass for isolation of industrial effluents with the intent to recycle, reuse the toxins, or make them inert.

Abraham Boulder

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