“Our commitment must be to continue the vitality of this company–its growth in physical terms, and also it’s growth as an institution–so that through another 150 years. Indeed, so it will last through the ages.

John O. Smale, Former CEO, PROCTOR & GAMBLE celebrating P&G’day 150th Birthday, 1986.”

IN:. “Built to Last” by Collins & Porras

“Especially when legally, constituents of America redefine this “corporate” entity to make big profits only, and begin the competition of subsidiaries or buyouts of startups, with profit margin reserved especially to accommodate Earth Sciences from private institutions, or university not paralyzed by a metaphysical applied communism meant to stop intellect and destroy the world!”. Abraham Boulder

“Hedge Funds need a 200-300 year legacy with coupons every 15 years until the exoplanet returns to some sort of equilibrium.

“This will serve as investment in real markets with real currency, and exercise liberal economics and democracy through Science II, quantum Tool AI and bio-engineering, with room to grow with amendments to the U.S. Constitution now, if necessary, and down the road.”

Abraham Boulder

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