For educated Christians

Moses went up at Mt. Sinai at a moment of history when human singularity was achieved and the Laws were established with the concept of human destiny was reached, even when you schlept (were “dragging” in gait).

Ancient Greek learning includes [ancient] Greek fate [check “Western mind”] which with regard to Jews, was metaphorically represented by Greek-oriented King Herod’s Masada, where Jews went and may have explored taboos before they faced being slaughtered by the Romans whom engineered stone steps constructed for the butchery, or, as in this case, the Jews took a knife to each other.

Those of the 5 books of Moses–enslaved Jews work out in 400 years, a religion when no longer in Israel and ruled by Cesar. Cesar becomes by faith, Christ, and the Vatican emerges with what becomes the Pope historically with the Church with Paul’s help, and faith.

But Christian scholastics and the Renaissance still harbored the Form–greek fate.

Taking the Old Testament out of some Protestant sects, may have been “from the heart,” but leaves education by Christians retaining Greek fate, and lacking in the document of human species’ Destiny.

Adopt it, the Only One Father God, to keep Him a human singularity of Destiny.

Join Sir Issac Newton and the sanity work of Carl Jung for a thousand year reign of Jesus on this exoplanet, probably with the longevity made possible by bio-engineering.

Grab your Destiny!

Abraham Boulder

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