Enthalpic energy of living finest hour is sanity!

Enthalpic energy of living finest hour is sanity!
Rousseau congeniality and optimism besides — occult homosexual understanding replaced for the love of Voltaire given to him by Rousseau that the dread that Voltaire’s experiences of the 13 global potential catastrophes, are met each time by our travels by the Icebergs, wise in the wisdom of our fathers in the Netherlands, with mothers’ influence.  And that our applied science develops with the Creator, God of sanity by our side. Hand-in-hand we solve engineering problems that beseech the applied, physical technologies of cultural anthropogy that when solved, answers by remedying these global problems, of our races’ species’ survival.

We quest, all races to homo sapiens-to-the-15th, and avoid Rousseau’s lonely direction that would have us slam into the Icebergs, smiling at our anguish that we have sunked the ship, and the future of mankind.

This destiny, shared with Voltaire by Rousseau, sails beyond, to technological marvels of hydrogen refueling stations that the existing hydrogen cars use, and future cars will use invented and engineered with the aid of Toyota’s available patents; the fission nuclear plants we need so readily; and fusion-powered nuclear, plasma, energy plants designed by observations at the Thomas Edison labs that takes productivity methodology of industrial discipline by his namesake (much like Noble’s), instead of occult humor that leaves engineering systems fraught with serious problems at the onset of going online, or every step, every turn, thereafter.

Let no man, woman or child think idly when this requires species’ discipline, that all races are needed in this venture–that the adventure–the race shared by all is one involving competing efforts coordinated by, in collaboration with one another’s academy of sciences pulling in the same direction.

The first fundamental law of the species of homo sapiens is the right to exist as humans by birth.

The second fundamental law of the species homo sapiens is that management of all races is done by the law: “diversity in all races yields the greatest probabilities of survival of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.”

No language of any social science takes higher consideration than the genetic, survival of the species. And no language of homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens holds relevance greater than the greatest risk to all in the universal environment we take claim to, the prevention of extinction 13 times, the most important universal environment effecting our genes being, our very survival in the universe.

We all sail together with the understanding that our destiny lands us together affected and effected genetically by our environment, and for the sake of species’ continuence, the third fundamental law of homo sapiens is that we all arrive at our destinations as homo sapiens sapiens sapiens, all meeting the criteria of survival under universal law consistent with all races on Earth.

—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy. Abraham Boulder.

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