From what? to where? Is there too much disturbance in our line of thinking, and Aryan credo in our schools of thought?

It is of great, great gravity the disturbance-fusion generated by Wig-wam’s fill up in top ramen.

What does this mean!!?

It is very great concern. Deep emotional, and mental illness, and grave homicidal tendencies of Aryan tyranny and credo underlie emotional intelligence (an ongoing verbal assault from the intellegience itself) on consciousness, subliminally challenging liberal values and meaning behind the philosophy of the “individual,” and it’s legal system, in open societies, such as to cause an effect, or a long-chain of effects that “master-mind” abnormalities in finance, and irregularities in human behavior.

It is serving “the best interest of society;” and the best “good” of the individual; that takes us away from self-interested “homicide” and “suicide” on our mutiples of personal, financial horizons.

Into the new markets frontier, portofolied for a future You actually Invest in.

“Walk your talk, Gentlemen and Ladies, let us let the bull–run the length–of this existing, time-honored planet.

Let order rule, and profits earned in Earth science academe off-shoots. Let corporate world business turn it’s Titanic away from on-going

Let our arse not be our solution to our finale–civil, orderly–picnicking at the moment of destruction.

Let our spear be more than a place to tuck away in holes.

Let the javelin be thrown, and make it’s Mark! 300 – 500 years of pure science, technology, and profit!

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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