If we achieved as well as intentional stupidity has in continued activism throughout the globe, how remarkable would be our accomplishments utilizing our brains for great deeds (actions), and obligations to this exoplanet and ourselves–a planet which we all hold title to, but don’t Really own, nor an universe in time and space and distance that, with quantum physics allows us to experience vastness, and entanglement, that allows us contact with infinite matter.

Home security was supposed to mean just that. I truly honor the men and women who have worked at keeping a level of safety for our children, spouses, and friends.

But there seems to be unyielding fundamental stupidity and violence that people accept as normal, for “hot dog” fun.

I truly wonder if we don’t admire the smell of shit coming out of asses more than the crap we give to our wives  and children, and to a neighbor for that matter.

Not that it is not manly, but some have come to think that treading on someone’s personal belongings to the extent of snuffing out there lives is an admirable thing.  A merry occasion. A cause celebre.

At some point, saying, “it’s happening over there, not here, so what do I care about such things?” misses the point that this is a trend increasing–not decreasing and the strait-jacket we put ourselves in with these social media venues leaves us with no avenue to express the grief inherent in such behaviors.

I think relevance has to be put back in conversation, otherwise you’re without friends, and no one is watching your back.

My outrage is proportional to the deeds being done.

-Keven Jung Young.

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