Take this for full worth.


Black may be beauiful, but represents toxicity, thus sinister; death and dying language and utterances. PTSD. Negative thought, negative emotion, anal Aryan diety formation and aggression, ( – ) attempting to control populations in hate, disease, and spite.

White represents alive destiny, eternal presence in spiritual Heaven, alive then thrive, health present, making peace with one’s finiteness, (one’s fate). Promoting and supporting legacies. Less or corruption-free (Scandinavian model threatened by too much intervention, socialist communist, or socialist fascist political economy, against Hayek appeal, plus necessary capitalist reform adhering to a Value Index of quality to determine economic incentive added to market price, or negative decimal value to numeral negative one, as economic disincentives added to market price.

This is the white market versus the black market. This is moral sentiment and estimation in numerical form and equation. This illustrates that economists, although correct about economic science, retains inferior conclusions, instead of superior applications. Some things, government does for the good of society that self-interest fails in completely.
Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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