Om the Man

He always was, and what he was, was not democratic.

But, he says he is democratic–hegemonic or sole dictator (in a sense, universally sole organism of Man), and administrator of property State, and much distribution to the State from the 1st world in the black market.

Distribution centers in Eastern and Central Europe, and Asia, and places in the entire America continent ((Central, South, or Alaska, Northern Canada).

Liberal notions and their convergence in societal institutions vs. totalitarian oppression, suppression, depression, and universal torture (with “look Ma, no hands” with very, very acute torture feeling), and liberal notions for State re-education of the Absolute Truth of State.

That is, Absolute torture to organism property equals State truth of Stae’s Existence, plus Nothing else in totality.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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