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Do you ever wonder?!

So the Dalai Lama, the spiritual heresy to elan vitale in truth rather than false goodness, attacks mankind with lama-lizard snake brigade render us fate fatal, having gotten everyone to be good boys and girls in behavior reminiscent of Brave New World.

What this book doesn’t end on–is complacency that leads to Jonestown, and hedonism that we embrace to succor to Charles Manson genocide cults, all-salient, all-pervasive.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

P.S. May I add, that my opponent, not the esteemed Dalai Lama of actual imbalance, but the degreed Moron of folly and fame, whom proceeds to make idiocy of some of the most important matters Man has ever faced, and women ignore for power grabs that they pose a leader just as inert as the one they question. The problem with inertness is that it can lead to mass death and destruction.

What wasn’t done in the electoral college of the Republic under the U.S. Constitution may be done if the election is invalid.

And that is to find a third party candidate willing to tackle world problems and get us to 500 years of Science II, Tool AI, bio-engineering Homo sapiens for universe’s environments, and quantum speed to meet the deadline demands so urgent today.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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Be Bold, not Gandhi.  p. XXii. Occupy Spirituality. The time is Now. The liberal economic system needs to be a working system. Where the old global economy “lacks long-term investment” (HBR), the emerging global economy, and it’s new markets and it’s new investments can, when invested diversifly, lead several business to making huge profits on methodology similar to Berkshire Hathway’s© earlier commitment in real value investment, with all practicalities in place.  Doing this business, gets the job done.

“Given today’s crises the world over, we can no longer afford to hide our contemplatives in comfortable monasteries. We need to reunite contemplation and action, we need spiritual activists and, indeed, spiritual warriors on the street, in . . . [the] professions, and [foundational] institutions, who can reinvent them[selves and can aid in others doing the same,] with ecological values, and [liberal/individual and conservative/communitarian values of conscience built on action, resolve in spirit, and firm in determination;] for the sustainability . . . [of our] species, as well as the health and beauty of this [exo]planet.”

-Introduction by Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder made additions to text.

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From what? to where? Is there too much disturbance in our line of thinking, and Aryan credo in our schools of thought?

It is of great, great gravity the disturbance-fusion generated by Wig-wam’s fill up in top ramen.

What does this mean!!?

It is very great concern. Deep emotional, and mental illness, and grave homicidal tendencies of Aryan tyranny and credo underlie emotional intelligence (an ongoing verbal assault from the intellegience itself) on consciousness, subliminally challenging liberal values and meaning behind the philosophy of the “individual,” and it’s legal system, in open societies, such as to cause an effect, or a long-chain of effects that “master-mind” abnormalities in finance, and irregularities in human behavior.

It is serving “the best interest of society;” and the best “good” of the individual; that takes us away from self-interested “homicide” and “suicide” on our mutiples of personal, financial horizons.

Into the new markets frontier, portofolied for a future You actually Invest in.

“Walk your talk, Gentlemen and Ladies, let us let the bull–run the length–of this existing, time-honored planet.

Let order rule, and profits earned in Earth science academe off-shoots. Let corporate world business turn it’s Titanic away from on-going

Let our arse not be our solution to our finale–civil, orderly–picnicking at the moment of destruction.

Let our spear be more than a place to tuck away in holes.

Let the javelin be thrown, and make it’s Mark! 300 – 500 years of pure science, technology, and profit!

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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If we achieved as well as intentional stupidity has in continued activism throughout the globe, how remarkable would be our accomplishments utilizing our brains for great deeds (actions), and obligations to this exoplanet and ourselves–a planet which we all hold title to, but don’t Really own, nor an universe in time and space and distance that, with quantum physics allows us to experience vastness, and entanglement, that allows us contact with infinite matter.

Home security was supposed to mean just that. I truly honor the men and women who have worked at keeping a level of safety for our children, spouses, and friends.

But there seems to be unyielding fundamental stupidity and violence that people accept as normal, for “hot dog” fun.

I truly wonder if we don’t admire the smell of shit coming out of asses more than the crap we give to our wives  and children, and to a neighbor for that matter.

Not that it is not manly, but some have come to think that treading on someone’s personal belongings to the extent of snuffing out there lives is an admirable thing.  A merry occasion. A cause celebre.

At some point, saying, “it’s happening over there, not here, so what do I care about such things?” misses the point that this is a trend increasing–not decreasing and the strait-jacket we put ourselves in with these social media venues leaves us with no avenue to express the grief inherent in such behaviors.

I think relevance has to be put back in conversation, otherwise you’re without friends, and no one is watching your back.

My outrage is proportional to the deeds being done.

-Keven Jung Young.

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Take this for full worth.


Black may be beauiful, but represents toxicity, thus sinister; death and dying language and utterances. PTSD. Negative thought, negative emotion, anal Aryan diety formation and aggression, ( – ) attempting to control populations in hate, disease, and spite.

White represents alive destiny, eternal presence in spiritual Heaven, alive then thrive, health present, making peace with one’s finiteness, (one’s fate). Promoting and supporting legacies. Less or corruption-free (Scandinavian model threatened by too much intervention, socialist communist, or socialist fascist political economy, against Hayek appeal, plus necessary capitalist reform adhering to a Value Index of quality to determine economic incentive added to market price, or negative decimal value to numeral negative one, as economic disincentives added to market price.

This is the white market versus the black market. This is moral sentiment and estimation in numerical form and equation. This illustrates that economists, although correct about economic science, retains inferior conclusions, instead of superior applications. Some things, government does for the good of society that self-interest fails in completely.
Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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Om the Man

He always was, and what he was, was not democratic.

But, he says he is democratic–hegemonic or sole dictator (in a sense, universally sole organism of Man), and administrator of property State, and much distribution to the State from the 1st world in the black market.

Distribution centers in Eastern and Central Europe, and Asia, and places in the entire America continent ((Central, South, or Alaska, Northern Canada).

Liberal notions and their convergence in societal institutions vs. totalitarian oppression, suppression, depression, and universal torture (with “look Ma, no hands” with very, very acute torture feeling), and liberal notions for State re-education of the Absolute Truth of State.

That is, Absolute torture to organism property equals State truth of Stae’s Existence, plus Nothing else in totality.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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Here’s a book for ya! | The Realism and Hope Foundation See the errors in your ways press above Url

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