Do Heed!

Sacred entreaties to the Lord our God (the only one God, said to amplify his greatness as a Higher Power for those seeking refuge in sanity, and to identify the universal ceiling of sanity, genuine love, and redemption from the only one God. Our love.)


I adore you, O LORD, my strength, 3 LORD, my crag, my fortress, my rescuer, my God, my rock in whom I seek refuge, my shield [shield of Solomon], my mighty champion,-my haven.- All praise! I called on the LORD:. From TANACH

Shield of Solomon, now those wise statements reasoned to determine validity in the 21st Century, those ideas valid are WQ, wisdom intelligence, capable of being harnessed for full generations and keep us out of subparticle physics chaos, or to the brain organ very, very acute brain dosorder, left to rot brain damage or chemical imbalances that render completely imcapacitated the individual whom has no appreciation of his material gains that he has acquired, and to whom’s madness thinks huge numbers of currency and acquisitions are the silliest thing in the world, because he and everyone else–haslost their minds completely. Something that can happen quickly if not interceded. Look how fast the ice caps melt!

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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