Jesus cannot live on Earth without God the Father, without God, the Creator

Is it madness to speak if God? Or is it madness to speak of the son of Christian Creator, God the Father, without His Greatness.

When we are offered Earthly presence, not of just Earthly presence of your Jesus, but your Jew Hebrew presence where Spirit meets exoplanet of 100 million exoplanets in God of the Universe’s domain, His Creation, not ours, our physical presence, a generational journey that should not be halted until we live the Boulder Period of 276 million years–when dinosaurs lived 173 million years, and we can do better not worse.

You listen to the Aryans of Mesopotamia who killed the Ionian Civilization Greek race and brought Hellenistic scholarship, but also Greek tragedy involving murder, and suicide like Rev. Jones and Jonestown.

It is the Semites of Israel whom within their holy Torah, has the Book of Generations. To offer the sacred idea of Destiny for a diverse neighbors from which different racial families provide the greatest opportunity for survival of the human species, according to fundamental biogenetic law.

Those of half-brothers and half-sisters must not let neurosrructuraly or biochemistry abnormalities (psychiatryl lead them on to murder and suicide.

There is no great glory in it. And no heaven awaits those that slaughter and butchery provides a oath to Heaven. As the 5th Apostle would say, “No Heaven for human extinction. Onwards, to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.”. From Creation of homo sapiens of God

Abraham Boulder

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