Universal ceiling of sanity and Earth challenges

Transcendental literature for smart phone compositions I draft. Whose transcending is anchored metaphorically to the two coupled earthquakes, each a week or a week and a half apart in the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle (8.0:7.0 part of the fault line under the University of Washington campus in Seattle).

Ideas tend to go through this exoplanet in one second. The way they (idea quanta) go through a person in the same one second, both as solar (cause: our sun or other mass) specs, or string theory oscillating enharmonics or Megacreation orchestration and twists or turns effect to give a complete idea or complete impression from waves of string “grain” effect intersecting as the margin of error increases in the universe and before it is anabollically-physics corrected.

The dead liberate from the body. The body’s remains has made an impression on this exoplanet. And the dead’s Intellect needs to separate from the body to leave it’s eternal spirit impression on the universe. We are intimate in idea quanta with this, our universe. And the soul journeys from belief system to realization effect that the spirit-intellect finds release that may be, a heaven out of hell, and a hell out of heaven, or just Niravanna–that is peace, joy, loving embrace with the universe in spirit and constructive mojo, order singularity with the Higher Power and intellect bliss or damnation. Amen

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

Abraham Boulder

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