King Homo sapiens sapiens

Subjected to royal exposure whom can prepare world population, adjusting cerebellum and ecoequilibrium extrapolation first for 11 years (done in 6 years), then 250 years for human-singularity transformation for group cohesion and species survival skills.

It is now. Now that human subjects need to be identified as homo sapiens sapiens to anchor with what is scientific fact in anthropology in order to raise royalty to a refined leadership that is based on scientific fact and not waywardly adrift, in leadership delusion.

It is denial of this need that rings not of liberty but falseness of anthropology, the science of man.

It is not a question that royalty exists, it is whether it is built on falseness (unacceptably vagueness doused in literature of a fiction sort), or built upon the labors of truth, justice, and collaborative empire, of man so stated as “homo sapiens sapiens” species.

And the language that reaches the Almighty in It’s kingdom serves to singularly retain skilled human command with hands of opposable thumbs for handling AI quantum computer tools with a sacred cerebrum that physically evolves it’s part of brain organ on the human nature of command leadership, and AI quantum tool deftly learning service to mankind, not “being mankind.”

Abraham Boulder.

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