He doesn’t exist

PCB is over. He does not exist. If does exist, it’s coup d’etat.


Mavhiavelli can entail a sleaze bag who wants to do things publicly for the general constituents, or is he going to do so?

As for me, if we confirm slickiness, we may wind up with constituents receiving lobotomies for people of conscience, or even for rebels-in-spirit who want to keep private enterprise, and cyclical voting in the constitutions of states and the central state.

If things change, and they will, let’s string some well thought out amendments to the constitutions, updating them, and entering the 21st Century.

U.S. Constitution is our backbone. Let’s make it more real and pressing.

Metaphorically, the locomotive will be leaving the station. To start Him up the need is for “first things first.”

Survey the terrain, it’s changed, and with that the tracks need to lead in different directions.

Even if this is virtually done on computer in 3D hologram pictures. Imagine that happening.

Metaphorically, we have to lay more railroad tracks that get us to new railroad station destinations.

A blueprint for solutions to American emerging markets, trading globally.

With each track leading to emerging markets, not completely known 2 or 3 years before.

Key here is “antifragility,” resilience (same thing).

Engineering for sensitivity to natural market behavior close to our hearts and built for sustainability for a Destiny for generations-to-come.

Of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens. All humans with respective to their own niches in railroad engine send off.

Oh, by the way. You have to do things correctly to get to the moon or Mars.

Well same thing coming down to Earth.

Things need to be done correctly, or we never get off the ground to solve our united problems.

All is one? Well, so are our problems.

As they say at BTS 3701, U.S. Air Force:

“Lead follow or get out of the way.”

Abraham Boulder

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