Eastern Orthodox deacon hopes to give severe illness to AB by gravity feed.

Slvan Milosevic seem present to confer with Fill-up

Wig-wam strictnine in left arm veins gravity feed.

I have equal rights WA state constitution for heteroseuality.

PCB (allgedly belongs in Attica prison) intends for me to die with him, rearing me profanely in very aggressive emotional intelligence (or lack of a psychopath) against the only (constructive) (sacred) God and Avi.

Taking advantage of boundary breaches of DSM4+5 sibling issues that he apparently uses on general public.

Using aerojet (fan) rail guns to transport disease down to residence below.

Sorcery occult witchcraft warlock

Extreme, radical, very very aggressive homosexual pejorative death cult.

It’s on the books as criminal proceedings (sorcery). Should nail PCB for spending too much time among the dead.


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