Reasons for human decline and profit creation methodology

I’ve written on reward taking that can quite fast emerge as physical degeneracy or mental decompemsation.

An excellent reason for this, besides having enjoyed oneself and maxed out physiology, is that work environments are actually places where they demotivate employees then supervisors or management says to the employee to get the demanded high or very high productivity levels anyway.

With these two reasons, you can see a rejection of wholesomeness for “business battle.”

Having gotten some sleep, orange juice and an egg fills normal nourshment requirements for a.m. work.

But when constructive demand begins to pressure employees for constructive output, 14 day sabbaticals of nutritional science engineered to “change yourself” can be binary: (1) to look for profit making, and (2) to try some methodology not visited until now.  Something healthy and constructive.

After preliminary two weeks, 30, 60, or 90 day excursions can satisfy scheduling needs and refine productivity requirements.

In addition, changes in the blockchain adds to adjustment requirements of business constructive strategy implemented from your inside out.

Therefore meeting requirements for a paradigm shift when meeting industry requirements for production, or start-up economies of scale.

You can’t solve the problem in the same mentality you created it in.

“Out of your mind” by Sir Ken Robinson

Paradigm shifts change the mind.

For things to stay around for employees to bother you must have a sustaibable market from which to devise items rekevant to the new paradigm shift.

Is demand accurately portrayed?

Is sustable market in major growth?

If growth exists in sustainable markets, what do people want to complement the sustainable markets?

Abraham Boulder.  -Keven.

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