And now: Soviet psychiatry, Soviet union/global

Northeast Asian [Soviet state] psychiatry

Institute of social psychology torture

State is

Truth unequivocably by the pain, the utter and absolute agony induced in an individual or an entire nation with “look ma, no hands!” Proves that the state exists and, nothing else, is the value system of society.  The state.

Society is nihilistic in projection of values.

Radical revolutionary reactionaries and chieftains continue “the march” to human obsolescence. From 1900 Russia.

-Keven. The fight for freedom is the fight to be free of this tyranny. Both in avoiding the agony of tyrant states’ truth for the individual or for the nation. It’s a fight against valueless society, as depicted in “The Crises in Democracy” (on the internet).

It’s answered by the God fearing man and woman, and child[ren]. And atheist retaining ethical principles, decency, good nature, and determined to develop good social skills (out from social isolation).

Abraham Boulder

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