MIT goes Soviet.

But in a non-academic way. Doing espionage against freedom by intentionally wiring an individual victim’s brain for enslaving and muting genius, aptitude and mental faculties.

What may be parts of the operation are: (1) organisms or bioagents, (2) nano wiring and nano tube and nano piapets application tools, (3) miniature “earthly gravity and graveness” (bionano) structures (working in two dimensions entailing different structural integrities and movement of matter and energy).

I don’t know how “mini” they’ve gotten. They emphasize applied technology techniques.

Rather than wiring my brain by a cousin doing maronic antics.

This physics may apply to a metalicbio skin of a war plane or terrestrial vehicle or sea worthy vehicle that uses nano technique to “wire up” while working in the imbedded, partially metalic skin. Complete access between solid metal and nano wiring without earth- gravity drilling and earth- gravity pliers.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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